KAREN KRAVICE  ART and INTERIORS is a unique firm that offers full scale design and art consulting for residential properties.


We see your project as a means to curate a space with original artworks and decor, while incorporating all the elements of design.

We strongly believe that our surroundings have a profound effect on our mind, body and spirits. If we can recognize how we want to feel in the spaces we work and live, we believe we can stay true to who we are in a more substantive way. We need to think of ourselves as artists, using a blank canvas to create a space that is in essence an extension of our personalities.


 We focus on getting to know you.


We want to know how art and design make you feel. We want to know if it moves or inspires you. I often tell my clients that they are the ones looking at that art piece everyday; they are the ones spending time in that room feeling good or not. Choosing the "right" pieces often gets lost in trends or what is "correct". It's important to listen to your needs and to discover your style.

My years as an artist are filled with the experience of acrylics, oils, colours, textures, and finding value with the imperfections of nature; those details inspire my work, giving it authenticity and soulfulness. Creating moves me and brings my work to life. Our goal is to inspire you to discover your own style with the help of our talented team. 

We create spaces you want to spend time in, spaces you want to return to and spaces that give you a sense of warmth and character for years to come.  

NTERIORS offers a range of services that meets the needs of your project, large or small, through clarity and passion.

Karen Kravice//Owner and Principal Designer

During the past 15 years as a notable artist, Karen has obtained a deep understanding of the retail art market, as well as created design solutions for clients as a design consultant.

Karen's expertise and experience in art specifically involved small and large-scale projects, realized commission ideations, numerous solo and group exhibitions, along with strong long-standing relationships with many artists in various platforms of art throughout Toronto and abroad.

As a design consultant for many years, Karen created challenging solutions for clients with their on-the-spot and in-home interior placement plans and furnishing requests by providing full design services that include site inspections, layouts, mood boards, renderings, project management and all aspects of interior decor.